Our New Summer Jobs

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We are pleased to announce an addition to our family through the blessing of adoption.

She is coming home next week!

We can’t wait for you to meet the  happiest, squishiest baby ever!

She is a gift.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”

(More details soon!)

Brian, Bonnie, and Lucy

(photo cred goes to the amazing Angey Price, thank you for helping us share the news!)


Photography Classes with Bonnie B.


I had a lovely time this morning with a sweet couple who wanted to really learn how to make their cameras work for them. My classes are fun, practical, and there is always coffee and a snuggly dog to play with. Need a last-minute gift? You can pay online and I will send you a printable gift certificate!

Email me for more info! Hey@iambonnieb.com

Bonnie B.

Brent + Nina Preview //Wake Forest Wedding Photographer

Brent and Nina are Married!

I had the very awesome privilege of documenting this great and glorious day. The weather was gorgeous, the bride was gorgeous, and the groom couldn’t quiet smiling.

It was pretty special to be there to document the new beginning for this amazing little family.

Here’s a little preview of Brent and Nina’s wedding, I can’t wait to share more!

I’m off on a vacation next week (Praise the Lord!) so I wish you a very Happy Easter!

Brent+Nina-7876 copy.jpg
Brent+Nina-7910 copy.jpg
Brent+Nina-7949 copy.jpg

Friday Favorites: Duke/Ogburn Photobooth Fun!


This past Saturday I had a blast partying with the guests at Ethan and Casey’s wedding reception! I’ve known the bride’s family since I was in high school, so I was so so happy to book this event last-minute and put together a photo booth for their reception! The photo booth remains a fantastic way to keep the party going at your reception, and once you get a couple brave souls to get the fun started at the photobooth….well you end up with delightful images like these! If you were a guest at this wonderful reception, head on over to http://bonniebphotography.smugmug.com/Events/DukeOgburn-Photobooth/ and check out all the images! Use the code DUKE329 to get 15% off your print or digital download order (plus shipping!)



Congratulations Ethan and Casey! You are so blessed to be surrounded by friends and family who love and support you.

Bonnie B.

Here are some amazing vendors who made the day a success!

Trevor Smith Productions — http://trevorsmithproductions.com/
Lauren Winstead Photography — http://www.laurenwinstead.com/
AAA Entertainment (DJ) — http://www.aaadj.com/

Homemaking and Home-working


Ever since the new year started, Brian and I have had several conversations (ok some were actually arguments) about what it means to be diligent, efficient, and focused in our tasks.

Look, I know this isn’t the most exciting topic- so just grab a cup of coffee and muse with me for a bit.

I’m one of those fortunate individuals who is wired to create, inspire, daydream, make messes, and be a tad bit absent-minded.

I’m also wired to control, organize, process, and be very task oriented.

It’s crowded in my head and heart as these two parts of me constantly war. Also loud.

The challenge for me is to basically take these things I know about myself and how God pieced me together, and turn them all into strengths that work together to show His fingerprints and His creativity and order.

One thing I know is that I cannot create or be inspired in a messy, unorganized environment. I just can’t. I like a clean desk while I edit photos. I need to know that the bed is made and the laundry is going while I work in the office. I’m a crazy person. It’s one of the best and worst things about one’s home also being one’s workplace. I think it takes a great deal of organization to turn ones’ home into a workspace without losing one’s mind altogether and failing at both homemaking and home-working.

So those are my musings.

I’ve been inspired to take action this year, and to attempt to bring some order, rhythm, and routine to my home and workspace. For instance, the dishes.


I think it’s the never ending march of dirty dishes, the feeling that it’s never DONE. We eat at home and cook a lot, so with just the two of us, there can be a constant sink full of dishes. Our old housemate T can testify to our complete failure at dishes. Every day he would use his 1 or 2 dishes, move a few dirty pans out of the way, clear a path to the faucet, and wash/dry/put away his dish. Every.Day. Meanwhile, we were watching Netflix. Meanwhile, we were avoiding the dishes. Meanwhile, we were terrible at adulthood.

One of my goals has been to clear the sink of dishes each night before I go to bed, and get the kitchen cleared out and ready for the next day.I found something interesting lately, and that is that the unfinished tasks of yesterday and last week bleed over the next day and the next, until I suddenly realize that I’m moving forward very little each day in my tasks.

By Friday, my to do list was a pile of unfinished tasks from Sunday-Thursday and on top of that I desperately needed a solid 4-5 hrs to edit photos and plan sessions. This one small act of resetting the kitchen each evening has really helped me free up time for the tasks of this day.

So, there is one small victory. Bonus: I will now often find a very handsome man (Brian) in the kitchen cooking and CLEANING AS HE GOES.

Let that soak in. The glory of it.

Tasks. They have to be done. How do you manage yours?

Edit: As I typed this, there was in fact a sink full of dirty dishes from yesterday. Grace abounds.

Bonnie B.